Jun 12, 2010

Weekend is here!!!

Ok-so I’ve put in a full weeks worth of work, and now I can begin some paintings- aka job #2. I haven't picked up a paint brush in over a year- since I finished the counting book. This might be painful- kind of like starting back with my workout regimen, of which I started back last month... ouch! If only I could learn to paint while walking on a treadmill- then I’d kill two birds with one stone. Maybe I’ll try some abstract art via treadmill walking. Wish me luck!

Jun 10, 2010

Sixteen Sandpipers: An Outer Banks Counting Book

Please pick up a copy of the children’s counting book I illustrated for author Anne Creef. It was such an exciting experience! The book can be found in many stores throughout the Outer Banks. Although it’s a counting book, it’s fun for all ages! Each page of this lovely rhyming story corresponds with the illustrations, as well as brief facts in the back of the book. It depicts history, wildlife, and many activities that take place right here on the Outer Banks. I hope you will enjoy it! Also, keep an eye out for an alphabet book in the next year or so!

First Time Blogger

First time blogger… look out! My goal- make my daddy proud and get my artwork out into the world! My Fears- nobody visits or worse… bad criticism of my artwork! I am a tender hearted- make love not war- kind of artist. I believe we live in a wonderful time where there are so many kinds of artist… its exciting! I live in one of the most beautiful and artistically inspirationally places- The Outer Banks of North Carolina. With its expansive coastline, varying wildlife, and lush history- the Outer Banks is apparent in nearly ever painting I create. I hope to have some paintings up soon, as well as on display at the Dare County Arts Council Gallery. Check back often.