Jun 28, 2015

Guest room and Art Studio get a makeover

I've been busy in mommy land since the birth of my son 3 months ago, but that hasn't stopped me from fixing up my guest room/art studio into a functional space.
My upstairs bedroom has been a lot of things over the last 5 years. It's obviously a catch all room, holiday decoration storage, art studio, and guest room. I've always had poor organization due to lack of shelves. My desk was left over from when we moved in and was falling apart. 
I had stacked books from college and bins of art supplies everywhere. All of it drove me crazy!!! I hated having to hide my clutter when company came. I hated that I couldn't even enjoy the space to paint in. I felt like the room looked like it should be on the hoarding show "Buried Alive"
So I set aside a bit of a budget to turn this room into an organized space with a new desk, large containers to hold holidays decorations, and bookshelves. I made about $200 in an online yard sale which helped eliminate some clutter and paid for my new desk. 
I ordered my desk but had to wait a bit for it to come in. It was worth the wait, I love this desk. It's L-shaped and can be reversed to a mirrored configuration if you want. I ordered it from my work through a brand called Coaster. Item#800516 It also comes in black and a dark stain. 
Just For Fun:
While I was pregnant I craved Lucky Charms so ahead of time I decided I'd turn the boxes into magazine holders. With just a coat of paint I transformed the  boxes and I'm so pleased.

The Multi-functional Room:
The room has multiple uses now. It functions well with all of my art materials and I feel I can welcome guest without having to clean and hide clutter. I always had the bed under the window before. It took up the only wall that didn't have the attic crawl space doors. So for a change I moved it to the opposite wall in order to make room for the shelves to lineup under the window. I measured my height from floor to window trim and the length. I searched my sources through work but had no such luck. I then found these short inexpensive shelves that fit my height and width requirements perfectly. Later I will find the time to trim the bookcases to look more expensive and built in.