Jan 21, 2015

Breakfast at Tiffany's Walk In Closet

You mom's will understand the sacrifices we make for our children. Now at this crossroads in my life at eight months pregnant with my 1st... a baby BOY, I know all too well about this sacrifice. You see I used to love fashion, Audrey Hepburn, and all things Tiffany Blue. One of the first things I did in my home was paint a Tiffany Bow wall mural, and suddenly the tiny spare bedroom across from the master was coined by my friends & understanding hubby... as the Tiffany Room or Audrey's Room. You see I haven't fit my wardrobe into a 6ft wide by 2ft deep closet since I was 13. So I wasn't about to start my marriage by trying to make it work and share a closet. It wouldn't have ended well. The room quickly accumulated all my collectible overly girly & glamorous things. Dressing in the morning felt like shopping and was like therapy. So this post is to archive my favorite space that is now in transition to be my little boy's nursery. A change I have enjoyed so much and can't wait to reveal!!!

DIY Wall Mural, Wall Paint, Tiffany Blue, Breakfast at Tiffany's themed room

DIY Tiffany Bow Mural
I can't tell you what the color is. I literally took in a Tiffany Box to the paint store and matched it to it. I then taped off the wide bands that tapered in to where the center bow will be. I filled that in with a white paint. I pulled the tape after that part dried and hand drew the bow with pencil. I painted the bow in. After it all dried I added a grey acrylic paint to give shadows and depth. The total size is the length and height of the room- about 13'wide x 12'high. 

Breakfast at Tiffany's themed room, Asia Evans Artistry
One weekend while my hubby was out of town hunting, I added the closet rods. Beforehand the room was simply a twin bedroom. Slowly the room transitioned into a closet. There isn't much invested in the closet rods. Just a few shelf brackets with a rod hook on the end, a wooden dowel, and some leftover plywood cut for the shelves. Easy Peasy! 
I added a cheap bookcase between the two closet rod sections, where there was a window. I piled on m favorite shoes, arranged my books by color, and staged my collector Barbies. Yes... I enjoy being a girl! 

Desk Makeover
My vanity was a fun thrift shop find. It's actually a desk and was originally that 70's cream & gold french provincial style. I think I paid $20 for the desk & $5 for the chair. Sorry I don't have before picks. I painted the whole desk the same Tiffany Blue as the mural wall and then filled in the lines with a silver liquid paint pen by Prismacolor. It made it as easy as writing. For the top I used a stencil and a cheapo silver craft paint. I love the site Cutting Edge Stencils. I just used a silver spray paint for the chair.

I enjoyed using the desk as a vanity because of the knee drawer. With the help of some plastic organizers from the Dollartree, I easily organized all of my makeup. 

DIY: Jewelry Frame
The frame you see below was a cast off my mom was getting rid of. I always remember it being in the house growing up and I didn't want to let it go. It too was a gaudy gold, so I blasted it with the same silver spray paint as the vanity chair. I then added what we Outer Bankers call eel pot wire. It's a small gauge square mesh that's perfect for hanging jewelry. I looped small "S" hooks through the mesh and hung the necklaces by that. Dangle & Post Earrings hang directly onto the mesh just fine.

DIY Jewelry Trivet
Antique Plate Jewelry Trivet: This project was so much fun. There are so many beautiful vintage plates with not matches. I loved being able to use these! I picked up 2 glass candle sticks from the Dollartree. I then etched the connection points where the glass candle stick would touch the plates.  I used a dremel tool and lightly sanded all pieces that touch. I then used an epoxy to bond them all together. I loved using the lace edge plate for the top to hold my dangle earrings. Highly recommend finding one like that.

In my old walk in at my parents house, I designed a spinner just like this to hold my shoes, purses, & jeans. I tried to take it when I moved... but my parents said no. Who were they fooling! I knew they'd be moving into the closet before the milk went sour. So I really missed that piece... until I found this one from my work. It's by Coaster Furniture.

So on to my new life as a mom and the sacrifice of my Walk In Closet. It's all worth it!!!