Oct 3, 2014

Think again Asia... Kitchen project on hold.

Just when you get things planned out for your fabulous Kitchen Makeover, life throws you a curve ball. This one is a welcomed detour with an opportunity for a different kind of room makeover in mind... so don't worry.
Photo by: Whitney Norko Photography All Rights Reserved
It's Nursery Time!

It really is welcomed... we just thought it would take a year at least before we had the chance think about a nursery and the titles of mom & dad. I was almost convinced we would have trouble becoming parents due to low progesterone levels on a resent lab test, pushing 30, and just hearing how long it took others to conceive. The Kitchen Project was supposed to keep me occupied and unstressed. I know- most of you might find the idea of a Kitchen Makeover stressful, but I love a project! Well know I get to finally do a nursery!!!

Anyone who knows me, knows I had the room planned before conception and I've been steady selling things online and clearing out clutter to make room... and a little extra cash for the Nursery. The Nursery ideas vary a little on a few different "Pinterest Secret Concepts". I will make these boards live once the nursery is complete. Some are obvious theme choices- My love of Audrey Hepburn and already painted bow mural in that room... of course Breakfast at Tiffany's is a theme option. This has been the first idea out of many of my friends when they ask me what kind of Nursery for a girl. Well you'll just have to wait and see, because I haven't even decided on it myself. I keep thinking... That's me... but is it my daughter? What kind of person would she be? 

On the other hand anyone who knows my hubby, knows Camouflage is his favorite color, and hunting is a religion. A baby boy from the two of us is bound to love the outdoors. Even I was an avid tree climbing, mud pie making, swimming, fishing fool... before the later days of high heels & pearls. I remember seeing a video of me trying to climb into a kiddy pool in my Sunday dress and bonnet... so our boy will most likely be a mess... all of the time. So I've assembled some choices for a rustic hunting outdoorsy themed nursery. It all started with the deer rocker that I just have to find! My thought of using rustic items will help a budget, and the boys nursery definitely comes out cheaper on paper than the girl nursery. 

Whether we have a boy or girl I'm simply ecstatic and can't wait to meet them. So we have just a few more weeks until we know what we're having... that's just more time to pin & plan. 
Can't wait to find out & start decorating!