Jul 2, 2014

Update 1: My Kitchen Project & Paint Selection Tips

Ok, so I couldn't sleep again last night. Perhaps its this approaching 4th of July Hurricane, or my lack of sun and beach time. Most likely its this looming project in my head that I'm ready to start now!!! Then what do I see in my inbox this morning? Why its an ACE sale flyer with instant $5 off gallons of paint! Woohoo! I'll take that as a sign! Why thank you Ace!!! I'll be seeing you on Pay day!
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Oh! I've changed my color selections. I had Nicole come over, one of my good friends and fellow Interior Design Buddy, and there were paint chips flying all over the place. We inspected each white to the point that would make my husband turn his head and laugh out loud... had he heard. Luckily he wasn't around and he has yet to ask what I'm planning, despite the swatches lying around. So as we stared at the swatches, we kept in everyday girl talk while only breaking conversation to determined whether it was too cool toned, had too much yellow or blue, was too dark, or just plain old blah. It only took us about 15 minutes of walking from wall to wall, holding up swatches, stepping back, lights on, lights off.... to narrow down my stack of swatches and arrive at these selections. 
My Revised Paint Selections
So my point is.... It's ok to ask for help, just don't ask too many people. I see it all the time, especially with furniture shopping. The shopper with her hoard of friends and their different opinions. You won't arrive at a proper decision with that many hands in the pot. So if you are not able to arrive at a decision on your own, seek help from a designer, an artist, or that fashionable friend who's good with colors or share your similar taste... oh and I guess your partner too... but not all of them and half of your friends on Facebook. You can tell them I said so. 

Select Paint Like an Artist:
I may not have the greatest grammar skills, but I count myself lucky as I think in color. Like there's a color wheel built into my head. I can remember color which helps make selecting items for an interior come easy. But if it doesn't come easy, use some of these tips to get you there. 
  1. There are Million's of wall colors so please select furnishings, flooring, cabinets, or any other items in question prior to choosing paint. I say this from years of folks who had just painted there space and locked themselves in. That sofa that they want doesn't come in a color that works, etc. Also selections in furnishings, flooring, or cabinets can effect price; while the shade of blue you pick cost the same. I here different suggestions on this matter and this is where I stand. 
  2. I like to find an inspirational photo. Sometimes this is of something I'm already thinking about. Other times a photo can completely inspire me. Houzz is helpful because professionals often list the paint info. Just remember... NEVER 100% pick a paint by looking online. You have to see it in your space.
  3. Decide if paint brand matters in your situation. Some builders or painters insist on certain brands. I chose Valspar because of how pleased I was with its coverage and pigment in my living room vs. other "house brand paints" I had used in the past. 
  4. Go select some swatches. I went to Ace and pulled some swatches. The lighting at the store was florescent & LED's so my swatches looked completely different at home. That's to be expected, and why I grab quite a few.... just don't go crazy. By already knowing which direction I was going with my color (Grayish walls/ Whiteish cabinets), I could narrow down how many I took. 
  5. Use this artistic knowledge: Colors come in Warm & Cool hues. So for example I have selected a Warm hue... even though it's gray. Remember Warm colors make a space feel smaller or more intimate, Cooler colors make a space feel more open or expansive. Lighting can greatly effect how colors are perceived as can the finish because there are warm & cool lights. This is why the paint looks completely different at my house than at the store.
    Warm vs Cool Hues
  6. NEVER pick a Color by its cutesy name... Do I make myself clear? Have it be the surprise at the end.
  7. Never pick your color unless you are viewing it in the room its intended and also in the proper orientation. I mean... if its a wall color put the swatch on the wall... don't view it on a flat table. Move it around from wall to wall. Try it again with lights on & off, and different times of day. 
  8. I narrow down very quickly, but if you're having trouble use the eye doctor method of 2.... just keep both eyes open. With 2 swatches in front, see which do you like better, "A or B" the doctor would ask. Keep your favorite of the 2 and bring up your next swatch and repeat the question.Continue until you are left with only one swatch. Sample paint pots help, but you still need to narrow down your options before inundating the poor store paint mixer and your wallet. 
  9. The big picture: In my space there are two colors that need be selected, however there were several colors that these to colors needed to interact with. Consider all things: Flooring, Trim, fabrics, other furnishings, appliance color, etc. Does your new selection play nicely with all these things? It's ok if it doesn't... because maybe like me you are doing things as finances are available. But this is where the Concept board comes in handy. You can see all your finishes and how they effect one another. 
  10. You can do it.. It's only paint. Relax. Don't over think it. Dime-for-Dime Paint is one of the cheapest changes you can make to an interior yet it has a great impact on your space. It can be undone if you hate it... you may find yourself served with divorce papers or have a painter stomp-off but hey... you'll be happy in your newly painted space. 
Whats in my Artsy Head: 
Color Wheel $4 at Dick Blick Art Supply Store
Here's what you should know about colors for interiors from and artist mind. 
  • Grab a color wheel from a art supply or hobby shop, I love this one which swivels and gives helpful info on color right on the wheel(see the back below)
  • Hue: another word for color
  • Warm Colors & Cool Colors: This wheel shows you that division between the two sides. Warm colors are Reds, Oranges, & Yellows; Cool Colors are Greens, Blues, & Violets. Again, in interiors each color can influence how large a space seems. Warmer colors appear more intimate or are said to advance, while cooler colors appear more expansive or tend to recede. 
Back Side of Same Color Wheel
How to choose what colors work together in a scheme? Some folks have a natural eye for this, but there is a method to help you if you are struggling. They are listed as follows:
  • Complementary Colors/ 2 Color Scheme: The color located directly across on the wheel. ex. Yellow is Complementary to Purple (Go Pirates)
  • Split Complementary/ 3 Color Scheme: Choosing one color and then the two other colors on either side of its complement. ex: Purple, Yellow-Green & Yellow-Orange. 
  • Triad/ 3 Color Scheme: For this method start with your base color again and count over- stopping on the 4th color. Ex: Purple, Orange & Green.
  • Tetrad/ 4 Color Scheme: Stay with me... its easy.You'll notice it can either be rectangular or square. It consist of 2 sets of of Complementary Colors.
Knowing these basics will help you with your core color scheme, you them play with the Shade, Tone, or Tent till you get the light or darkness you want for the space. 

Lastly the Golden Ratio: 30-60-10 
This refers to the amount of color used in a space. The Dominant color gets 60%, the secondary color around 30%, and the final color or "pop" gets only 10%. Obviously you may have other colors in the space but they should take up less percentage than the other 3 colors for balance.