Jun 30, 2014

My Kitchen Project

I'm getting a little stir crazy with my house again, as usual!!! Don't you just feel sorry for my husband? Well, don't. I usually do it when he's out of town hunting, so he just comes home mid project or to a brand new space. Poor dear! I really should make him help. The last time I really did anything to the kitchen, we were still renting the home. Not anymore!!! Now, my hubby and I are the proud owners of a hefty first mortgage. So... it's been officially ours since last September and I haven't done a thing!!! I've got a near non-existent budget, so lets see how this goes. 

Here is my concept board: aka the big dream that will be whittled down once reality hits.
Concept boards are helpful if you're planning a project. It helps you to gather samples and lay them out to see a big picture. It also helps you create a budget. For some clients I often do renderings of their space, but I don't have time to provide myself with that luxury. Sad isn't it? : (
I completed this concept board with Adobe Illustrator, but there are many other ways to create concept boards. Even Pinterest is helpful as a way to save ideas to a board collectively for your project. Follow Asia's board My Kitchen Project on Pinterest. 
The kitchen images on my board represent a feature I like... not my actual kitchen.... unfortunately.

Oh the Oak!
I am suffering with oak on oak overload! It's just too much for me... personally. When designing kitchens I always like a contrast between the cabinets and flooring. But in this case, I'm not content with simply changing one thing. Here's my before images. Time for a change, I'm just over the pastels and all the Oak! It's hard to tell where the floor ends and the cabinets begin. My Lab Pistol Annie ate my first chairs... not really sad about that actually. So I picked up the heart back vintage cafe chairs for $150 on craigslist. I figured I'd try Iron or metal so the dog wouldn't chew on them and so far so good. I wish I had a hidden camera to see if & when she tried to chew these chairs. I would love to have done something different in the way of chairs, but they were a bargain and the dog wouldn't hurt them. The table came with the house and I have plans to refinish it.

My Project Plan:

There's no rules, wrong, or right to my steps. Feel free to deviate as your money & schedule needs. Though consider some things may be messy, like paint, so that's why I'm starting that first and having the floors refinished after.

I'll be doing separate post with photos, items used, and tutorials for each step- so stay tuned or be sure to Subscribe to my blog.

Step 1: Cabinets & Walls- Paint, Paint, & more Paint In the coming months I'll be removing all of the cabinet doors to have them sprayed, while I hand paint or roll paint the cabinet boxes. I plan to add a cove Crown molding to the cabinets which I will pre-cut and then paint, prior to attaching to the cabinets. I'll also add bead board veneer panels to the end of my cabinet run. This will look better when painted, as compared to the photo of wood veneer that usually is shown on cabinets. At this time I'll paint the walls too. It's a good thing I love to paint!

I also hope to outfit my cabinet innards with some great features from Rev-a-Shelf : like a pull out trash & recycling can, new corner lazy susans, and spice pull-out.

I recently bought new cabinet hardware so it's not on my shopping list, but I don't want you to neglect cabinet hardware options. It's a great way to update your look on a budget. I like to browse House of Knobs.

Step 2: Sand & Finish the Floors This will probably be the most expensive part of my project. I'm opting... against my better judgement, for a darker chocolate stain. I say that because in the world of flooring there is certainly a "happy medium". This applies to your hardwood color and really any type of flooring. Medium tone floors in any wood species, show less scratches, dirt, and pet hair tumbleweeds. But like a pair of high heels... I'm gonna do it anyway and suffer the cleaning issues. The dog and the hubby may just need to be beat till they learn not to track in and scratch my floors. Just kidding... I could never beat my dog.

Step 3: Shelves Build 2 shelves between my cabinets and satin to match the floor. I'm hoping to store my counter top microwave on it and add wine bottle storage. That is assuming I have any wine left by this step.

Step 4: Accessorize My favorite part!!! Now this will have to come as finances are available. I'm going to start with the rug, in order to protect my gorgeous floor from the metal chair legs. I'm still unsure about the rug on my concept board, but I think it will help tie-in the blues in my living room. I'm hoping it has enough grey to match, but I haven't seen it in person yet. I have plenty of lattice and geometric grey and white rug options on standby, but I want a pop of color. Follow Asia's board My Kitchen Project on Pinterest.

Rug Options

Surya Rugs From Left to Right: HRZ1021-710RD, RAI1231-8RD, or ALF9584-73RD
I chose Surya Rugs because I sell them and they offer a wonderful selection of indoor/outdoor rugs.
Other accessories will be whats available, because I really don't think I'll have the budget to purchase anything new. I hope to buy ceramic or porcelain flowers for the dining room wall- like shown. I collect white vases with raised flowers on them and I'd like to have the wall be an extension of that collection. It will also tie in the floral rug design. 
The etsy shop DillyPad, who made these beautiful flowers is closed, so I'm going to see if I can find a similar item elsewhere or have them custom made by a local ceramic artist. One of the Woes of Pinterest right? When you find that stunning, perfect, gotta-have-it item and ... you can't get it. Pout : (

Step 5: Window Treatments My window treatments are pathetic in my house, so for the first time I'm going to try and make custom curtains. I just can't stand seeing scrunched curtains anymore! I've decided on a roman style with a fun fabric to tie in whatever rug I select. I found a "no-sew" tutorial I want to try.
How too instructions at In Living Color 

So that's it! All planned out, now I just need to get started. I deal with sweltering heat and humidity in North Carolina, so I probably won't start till the fall... but we'll see how long I last. I doubt I'll last that long. 
Wish me luck.

Please comment on your home makeover experience or give a link if you have it posted somewhere. Id' love to see it!

*Many of the photos came from Pinterest without any copyright info. I'd love to give credit where credit is due. Or photos will happily be removed by request of owner. 

Jun 25, 2014

Interior Design: The Barker Residence

The Barker Residence is a custom home built by Jake Overton of Overton Corporation for the Outer Banks Home Builders Association annual Parade of Homes in 2013. I met the Barkers when they visited me at work at my full-time job as designer for Manteo Furniture and we quickly hit it off and started throwing around fabrics and searching for the right pieces for their dream cottage on the Carolina Coast. I loved the colors the were quickly drawn too. Beautiful seaglass shades but in a deeper or darker tone. 
Living Room

The sofa: Lazboy Mackenzie Premier Sofa 610-435 in fabric: B974594 Azure

The Barkers wanted two really comfy recliners with stylish looks. The Riley High Leg Recliner (style# 448) from La-z-Boy was a perfect choice. We then selected a fun fabric with an all over pattern Mink (C988684)

Photo Credit: la-z-boy
We added this rug from Trans Ocean's Ravella Collection in color Disco Denim.
It's an indoor/outdoor poly run in a loop design. I love these rugs because the are durable and for outdoor or indoor use, yet they feel and look like an indoor loop rug. This rug is affordable and retails for around $400 for a 5x8. 
Dining Room 
Custom Table by Woods Road Furniture

This home was featured in the Outer Banks Parade of Homes 2013 and WON for it's building category. Woohoo! The vote's are selected by the folks who attend the parade, which is what makes it special too me. If you're planning a trip to the OBX in October, look up the week of the Parade of Homes and plan to enjoy some beautiful homes. 
Photo credit: Outer Banks Home Builders/ Overton Corp.
Photo credit: Outer Banks Home Builders/ Overton Corp.
Parade of Homes Description
"Nestled among the oaks, the Barker residence is a 3 bedroom, 2 ½ bath Outer Banks classic style home. This custom home showcases walnut floors, custom tile, granite countertops, a two car garage, and spacious covered porches. Green building practices and cost efficient techniques were used to provide efficiency in construction, ownership, and future maintenance. Come kick back and relax at Our Dream, created for the Barkers by Overton Corporation."
Approximate heated square feet: 2100
$345,000.00 Includes House Only

Oyster Mirrors
I love these handmade North Carolina Oyster Mirrors. They are another way to place a coastal element, beautiful texture, and color. They vary in size and shape to suit your needs.

Master Bedroom
The master bedroom features one of my favorite groups the Americana Home Collection by American Drew. I love the headboard detail which features an arbor gate design in a weathered whitewash finish. 
I selected these Distressed Nautilus Lamps from Palm Springs Rattan to add a touch of coastal style. They are very stylized and add a fun shape... I just love that shade! They retail for around $200 or $300 for outdoor rated.
Photo Credit: Overton Corporation
I love architectural renderings & sketches, don't you? This sketch really portrays the amount of detail and planning that Jake Overton puts into his homes. I often find myself talking with him and his wife Melissa about the old cottages of the Outer Banks and how he likes to bring that flavor into his custom homes.

Jun 24, 2014

Houzz Website for Asia Evans Artistry

Anyone whose been around me knows I love the website Houzz, a site dedicated to showcasing the beautiful works of Architects, Builders, Interior Designers, Landscapers, and more! Professionals can post projects with details that make it easy to search; like wall colors, design styles, or even specific rooms. Customers and designers can save these photos for inspiration for their own projects in "ideabooks", a tool I use to help customers see what I might be envisioning for their space. Clients can also research professionals in their area, read testimonies, and see previous projects to determine weather a "pro" is right for them.

Now Houzz has added a new feature... websites for professionals, which is wonderful for a designer like me. Please check it out...

Jun 18, 2014

So excited for Libby Langdon!

Libby Langdon is a designer, author, and TV personality of her show Daykeover with Libby Langdon for House Beautiful. Her furniture collection & fabrics for Braxton Culler are some of my favorite pieces to use in my own designs. I think she is extremely talented with her ability to create different looks by pulling various fabrics together to create a beautiful space that's cozy and inviting. I'm not sure what Libby's "to do list" looks like, but she seems to be having an amazing time in the field of design. Now she can proudly check off  the list "create her own collection of home accessories", which she calls warm & inviting by Libby Langdon now available at Walmart.com. All I have to say is .... look out Martha.... there's a new woman on top and shes as sweet as pie & talented to boot!
mix & match home accessories, pillows, throws, poufs, & rugs

"I’m so excited that my home d├ęcor collection warm&inviting by Libby Langdon is available on Walmart.com! Great colors, patterns, textures and top quality at fantastic price points in pillows, poufs, rugs and throw blankets! Go to Walmart.com to see my whole mix-and-match collection along with stunning visuals and design ideas showing how to create stylish looks in your own home!" - Libby Langdon

Libby makes it easy with her collection by breaking down her accessories into 6 looks for your home. Her before and after photos really show you how accessories add the sparkle to interior design. Whats great is accessories are affordable so when a trend has passed or your style has evolved, it's easy to change things out to create a different look without breaking the bank. I personally am notorious for doing this in my own home with rugs and pillows.

  • Chic & Cheerful
  • Sophisticated Style 
  • Cool & Current
  • Soft & Serene
  • Color Pop
  • Beach House

Beach House

mix & match home accessories, pillows, throws, poufs, & rugs

I had the pleasure of sitting in on a Libby seminar at the Braxton Culler Showroom at High Point Furniture Market in 2013. She spoke on designing for a client with a beach house or even just a coastal inspired room. She described how her process works by choosing colors that speak to her and how zebra print can go in any space. That is one of the things I like most about her spaces.... the unexpected element. She eludes to the idea of a beach house without taking it too far or uses color you don't commonly think of as beachy. Her looks are sophisticated yet still cozy and inviting, which is a very fine line. There is a point when a space becomes so "designed" that you're almost afraid to live it it... am I right? But Libby Langdon's spaces call to you and the whole family to pile in and enjoy a movie, a sunset view, or just talk the night away in your beautiful home.

Libby Langdon Collection for Braxton Culler

navy & orange decor for a classic coastal look
Like what you see? Please check out these links for more Libby:

Jun 4, 2014

Hydrangea Season

Using Hydrangea's When Decorating
As you may notice many designers often use floral arrangements in spaces, and while I have the Black-ist of Black Gardening thumbs, I enjoy using real flowers when decorating. To me, live plants provide a soothing appeal to a space that faux plants just don't duplicate. It brings in texture, color, and an earthy element. They may even inspire colors you plan to use in a space. Find what speaks to you.

My southern self loves Hydrangeas. They come in so many shapes and colors and are fairly long lasting in a vase. They are easy to grow in your yard and bloom beautiful in the summer months. It's a personal favorite of my mothers, so there's always a connection in my mind to her beautiful yard. She would always fix me up with a beautiful bouquet for my home.

... now remember what I was saying about my black thumb, well turns out Hydrangea's turn into beautiful dried flowers when left without water in a vase. HAPPY OOPS! Now I have dried Hydrangea flower heads to use in vases, nested in a jar lamp, or however else Pinterest inspires you.

Here I used a collection of dried Hydrangeas in a tall vase, dried lavender in an aqua bottle, and another vase of purple & white shells called Wampum's. The Hydrangeas take on a different feel when placed in a vase like this instead of the traditional arrangement of fresh cuttings. 

Hydrangea Color Palettes
Hydrangea's come in a variety of colors and shapes to fit many spaces. My favorite is the blue, green, and purple shades of the Endless Summer varieties which is what you'll notice in my photos. It's a species that grows very well in North Carolina and I love seeing the huge overgrown bushes of the Endless Summer Variety in front of the sound front cottages on the Outer Banks. 

Check out my inspiration boards for Hydrangea colored spaces on:

Main Photo Credit: http://www.hydrangeashydrangeas.com/

Drying Tips
I've noticed the older the bush, the better for drying. Check to see if the branches are twig-like and not green, that will ensure the flower will dry instead of wither and wilt like the younger bushes do. Mine were picked and enjoyed at the height of the blooming season and there color has held up for several seasons now. I have also read it is best to let the blooms dry naturally on the bush, prior to cutting. In any case, I did not hang mine upside down or place them in a dark hot place. Remember my first experience with Hydrangea drying was letting them run out of water in the vase where they sat. 

In this example I used my open base seeded glass lamp and filled the open cavity with various shades of dried Hydrangea's. This is one of my favorite things to do for this lamp during the spring and summer months. There are so many collectors lamps available now, the key is to find one with a large opening that allows you to place the whole bloom into. Mine was purchased locally.... SHOP LOCAL WHENEVER POSSIBLE PEOPLE!