Oct 21, 2010

Masters Revisited

Masters Revisited - Acrylic on Canvas 2003
I don't remember which great master painter I was studying when I did this piece. If you recognize it please let me know. I loved their use of color- it was difficult to replicate the same look and feel in acrylic, that the original artist created in oil. That is one of my biggest challenges. I've always used acrylics, there cheaper, sturdier, and to me easier. I've done only one painting in Oil- seemed to take forever because the drying time and mixing method is way different than with acrylics. I love studying art now- I wasn't as interested in it back in high school- I just waned to paint what I wanted to paint, but now I look at every artist style, methods, details, etc. Can't get enough

Native American Batik

 Native American Batik
High School 2003
1st place Winner- Fabric Crafts
North Carolina Woman's Club 
Manteo High School Annual Art Exibit

A Batik is a craft in which wax any dyes are used on linens & silk to create depth and designs. For this project we had to study as assigned Native American Tribe. We also had to incorporate the photo of an actual Native American that was printed on linen and then stitched on. Every detail on this piece has a meaning behind it for the depicted tribe. Prior to studying we had a brief tutorial on hand stitching. I haven't done a quilt since this project- but hope to pick it up again someday.

Early Work

The Apple Tree - Acrylic on Canvas 1991
I completed this piece at the age of six. I loved painting with my dad and every time he painted I wanted to also, so I guess he gave me this canvas and this is what I came up with. I love it! I'm so thankful my parents saved this and so many of my childhood works. Its so fun to look back on.

The Elizabethan Gardens on Roanoke Island

The Elizabethan Gardens on
Roanoke Island

Acrylic on Canvas

I love my island, it's so beautiful & rich with history. It inspires every painting I do. This particular painting I completed in high school was a study of impressionism. I chose the little girl statue from the Elizabethan Gardens, which has since been replaced from its original position by the incredible Queen Elizabeth statue. But don't worry, I believe she can still be found in another area of the gardens, as well as copies in the gift shop. I tell you what- it is tiring to do the tiny marks that make up an impressionist painting.

A mothers day gift.
Acrylic on Canvas both

I hope my mom enjoys paintings because I've given her a lot over the years. These are just two I've given her. She loves gardens, cottages, and animals. One of her favorite artist is Tasha Tudor, best known for her whimsical illustrations seen in her children's books. They often depicted scenes of animals and flowers, which is where I got the inspiration for these two paintings. My mother was a big reason why I agreed to do the illustrations for "Sixteen Sandpipers an Outer Banks Counting Book". There where just so many nights we read books before bedtime, you might say it was my first exposure to art. To this day I always pick up and glace at the wonderful artist that bring the stories to life in children's books.

Some Old Works... Self Portraits

 Good ole Self Portraits!!!

I was forced... kicking and screaming... to complete this self portrait in a drawing class at COA. So whats the big deal you ask???? Its on a 4'x8' sheet of luan board. I forgot how long it took to do, but it seemed like I had to stare at myself for a long, long time. I learned a lot- but I still don't understand why a self portrait. I could imagine plenty of other decent faces I wouldn't have mind having on a 8' tall board. Like Johnny Depp, or Brad Pitt, I mean I could have at least enjoyed studying bone structure, alignment and proportions much more! I did learn a lot doing this project and the instructor was one of my favorites.

Black Latex Paint for all the dark areas
followed by a whole lot of Pencil & Charcoal

This piece now is installed in my dads garage on his ceiling. Talk about keeping an eye on things!

Yeaaaa... another portrait!

Ok- so I had more fun with this one. For one thing it's a lot smaller.

Heritage Portrait - Acrylic on Canvas

I can't remember exactly what the instructor wanted but I think we had to paint ourselves as something else. I chose my Native American heritage with an Outer Banks Setting. The portrait was taken from my high school senior portrait. I was already really tan since it was taken at the end of summer- so I just enhanced the look with a buckskin outfit, beaded necklace and feather adorned hair pieces.

Some Old Works...

Me & My Dog Blue - Acrylic on Canvas
Completed in High School 
Between 2000-2003

The Impressionist Project

My Sleepy Babe - Acrylic on Wood
The Impressionist Project
date unknown High School 2000 to 2003?

Check out the paint used up in this painting, good thing it's a small little plaque.
 See the actual photo that I used to paint from. It's of my Cocker Spaniel Babe when she was just a little sleepy pup. Also a discription of the project requirements my instructor Robin York required. What a fun project this was. It was like sculpting with wet gooey paint- takes more patients than you think.

Some Old Works...

2004 Sunrise over Hatteras - Acrylic on Canvas
I completed this painting just after the Marlin (Dinner Special) in a painting class at COA. I was really becoming familiar with the different shades of blue, also this was my first night/sunrise painting. I was studying perspective, with the silhouette of the sea oats in the foreground, the feeling of the towering Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, and the glimpse of the morning sun peeking up from the horizon. I was also careful about the placement of the light on the lighthouse to emphasis the rounded tapered shape by shadowing the back & lighting the side closest to the rising sun. This really is one of my favorite paintings I've ever done, right down to the narrow shape of the canvas.

Some Old Works...

2004 Dinner Special- Acrylic on Canvas
I completed this painting in class at COA. I didn't spend a whole lot of time
on it, however it was my first underwater painting and first marlin.
I feel I've learned a lot since this picture.

Some Old Works...

2003 Kindred Spirits- Acrylic on Canvas
I completed this painting for an art show celebrating 100 years since the Wright Brothers first took flight on the Outer Banks. It was an exciting experience. This was my first opportunity to have my work featured in a local exhibit that wasn't coordinated by school.

Oct 14, 2010

Exciting news:

Exciting news: this week I am meeting with Anne Creef, author of Sixteen Sandpipers an Outer Banks Counting Book, to discuss a second book. I am so eager to work with her again! Doing illustrations for children's books is so much fun!

Oct 12, 2010

Some Old Works...

2002 Buck Masters- Acrylic on Canvas
A gift to my husband (then boyfriend) as a Christmas present.
This painting was started years ago by my dad, George Evans. 
It had a few Setters(hunting dogs) in the place of the deer, though 
he never finished it. I recycled the pre-painted scene and
input the fighting deer. Therefore, this is the first painting my 
dad & I have done together, which spans 15 years from start to completion. In true artist fashion we both signed it. 
It has very special meaning to me & 
reflects one of William's favorite animals.

Oct 5, 2010

Outer Banks Home Builders Parade of Homes

Please come out and support the Outer Banks Home Builders 2010 Parade of Homes. The cost of the tickets is $10.00 (children under 12 attend free when accompanied by an adult), with a portion of the proceeds going to the Outer Banks Food Pantry. I will be at House #1 on Thursday October 7th from 10 to 12:00. The home was built by Travis Costin of Costin Creations. This year is the first year I have been able to provide materials for a home destined to be on the Parade of Homes. It was a pleasure to work with Travis and I am grateful for the opportunity. I also had the opportunity to provide flooring & installation for Keith Dobie of KJ Construction Home #16. This was my first experience working with Keith Dobie and it was certainly a fantastic experience. For information on the materials used in the homes please come visit me at Kellogg Design Center in Nags Head at the Outer Banks Mall.

Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing By: Asia Evans Acrylic on Canvas Owners: Bill & Carol Daley

Jun 12, 2010

Weekend is here!!!

Ok-so I’ve put in a full weeks worth of work, and now I can begin some paintings- aka job #2. I haven't picked up a paint brush in over a year- since I finished the counting book. This might be painful- kind of like starting back with my workout regimen, of which I started back last month... ouch! If only I could learn to paint while walking on a treadmill- then I’d kill two birds with one stone. Maybe I’ll try some abstract art via treadmill walking. Wish me luck!

Jun 10, 2010

Sixteen Sandpipers: An Outer Banks Counting Book

Please pick up a copy of the children’s counting book I illustrated for author Anne Creef. It was such an exciting experience! The book can be found in many stores throughout the Outer Banks. Although it’s a counting book, it’s fun for all ages! Each page of this lovely rhyming story corresponds with the illustrations, as well as brief facts in the back of the book. It depicts history, wildlife, and many activities that take place right here on the Outer Banks. I hope you will enjoy it! Also, keep an eye out for an alphabet book in the next year or so!

First Time Blogger

First time blogger… look out! My goal- make my daddy proud and get my artwork out into the world! My Fears- nobody visits or worse… bad criticism of my artwork! I am a tender hearted- make love not war- kind of artist. I believe we live in a wonderful time where there are so many kinds of artist… its exciting! I live in one of the most beautiful and artistically inspirationally places- The Outer Banks of North Carolina. With its expansive coastline, varying wildlife, and lush history- the Outer Banks is apparent in nearly ever painting I create. I hope to have some paintings up soon, as well as on display at the Dare County Arts Council Gallery. Check back often.