Nov 15, 2014

It's a Boy! Nursery Space Planning, Selections, and more!

Asia Evans Artistry Baby Gender Reveal
Our Fall Themed Gender Reveal

Our bouncing baby is a boy... so bring on the camo and rustic wood Nursery. I can't tell you how excited I am do finally know what we're having so I can start my very first Nursery Design. As I mentioned in my previous post, I had secret Pinterest Boards for both Genders and I was ready with ideas for either scenario. I truly believe I was meant to have a boy, because it was the only sure design. I never had any question as to the design motif for my little boy- what with his father... an avid hunter and outdoors man, and myself a lover of nature and the woods. 

And So It Starts:

Nursery Space Planning
Initially I recommend measuring out your space and deciding what pieces you want in the Nursery. Draw it out to scale on graph paper or a digital room planner if you have a preference. I love me some graph paper and magnetic design pieces. Sorry- I'm old school! I indicate doors, windows and closets. For our little one's nursery I plan to have a crib, a twin bed, an upholstered rocking chair, and my late grandmothers small curved front mini dresser as a changing table. The room is very small- only 13'-4" x 9'-5".... I sell rugs bigger than this room! But it'll have to do. I elected to keep a twin bed in there, as this room is already an escape for me when the hubby snores and I just can't sleep. It's not ideal for the space, but I thought it may also help us to get feeding schedules right during the first months. Huh... right... says every mom reading this. I know.. but at least I won't have to travel far to fetch crying baby.  A bad night will be crying baby and snoring hubby! 

My Nursery Design

Accent Wall: 
In the Nursery I want an accent wall behind the crib in rustic wood. While I would prefer real reclaimed wood on the wall, I've decided against it because of mine and my husbands busy work schedule. Also, part of me is not comfortable with the idea of putting wood with unknown chemicals, paints, bugs, and/or mold on it. I'm not entirely a freak out mom, but this is my first child, so I am borderline phobic over introducing things into my son's environment. I started by ordering samples for wallpaper like this one from Brewster Home Fashions. I've never installed wallpaper before, so this will be interesting. Wish me luck! 
Brewster White Faux Weathered Wood Wallpaper PUR13282
Brewster White Faux Weathered Wood Wallpaper PUR13282
It took me all of 8 days to start the painting process. But that's only because I decided to wait till the 1st of the month to see what the sales flyers had. Based on my other jobs, you know I am going with my tried and true Valspar. I just love it! Then my local Ace hardware sent me an email coupon for 25% off my purchase and they had the Valspar Aspire, a low odor- zero VOC Paint! Score!!!

I let my hubby choose the contrast paint for the closet. You can laugh now! No surprise to anyone I'm sure- that I reliquished control over 1 Selection to my poor hubby and its the closet color. But thats because I know my hubby.... and he lives for Camouflage as his favorite color! So here you go- Valspar (Mountain Moss VR074A) It's mighty Green, but I wanted a contrast.
My Lab Pistol Annie is such a help. 
Next will be carpet because I just can't stand to look at the 1980's simi-shag golden carpet complete with mystery stains. Selecting carpet was easy! I had help with that decision... rather I wanted it or not. Thanks Darla! TIP: Notice my low tech way to easily block out what I don't like, in order to settle on what I do like. Also, place it on the floor. Not up against a wall! Always view your samples in the position and in the room they are going to be placed in. I like to view it at different hours of natural light. ie: night & day.
Darla helping me choose carpet. 

More to come I promise!