Jul 14, 2015

DIY Kids Teepee

This was such an easy part of my boys room. Using a few maple saplings and canvas painters dropcloth I was able to put this together in a few hours... with a newborn.

Tools & Supplies:
- saw of your choice(miter saw shown)
- drill
- drill bit
- tape measure 
- marker/pen
- sewing pins
- scissors
- sewing machine
- neutral sewing thread
- 5 saplings or post (5'-0" min)
- drop cloth
- a sting of choice(I used garden twine)

First choose your poles:
In keeping with my rustic theme I used maple saplings that my husband brought home. I cut them down to size. I cut all the post to 5 feet for the teepee height.
Then I measures 8  inches down on one end of the post and marked with a dot. This will be where I thread the twine.
Next drill through the mark you made on your poles. Try and stay on center. I used an 11/64 bit, but any size will do so long as it's not too big for the post but big enough for the twine and the toothpick.
Here I taped the twine around one end of the toothpick to use as my needle to pass through the drill hole. I pulled the string tight in the post came together.
The base spacing can vary and this will affect the height of your Teepee. I spaced the base of each post around 30 inches apart from the next post.
I used a 9x12 size because that's the only size my store had. It left me with plenty and some left over for other projects. I liked the pale color of this cloth.
My project moved inside for the evening and I began to drape the canvas. My dropcloth had a seam running down the middle which I opened up about center to allow for the post to come through the top. I laid the existing seams along the post then pulled the fabric tight to the next post and pined all the way down before cutting away the excess. I cut halfway up to make a door and pinned back the edges. Then I trimmed and pinned hem. 
Time to get sewing and then your basically done. 

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