Feb 6, 2015

Shell Art

When you work in a place that has Shellprint fabric everywhere and you're constantly doing coastal Decore, it becomes something you don't want to see all the time. That being said I love the coastal touches of shell art that I used in my bathroom. Let me show you how to display that shell collection you pick up with friends and family on the beach and incorporate it into your space. 

My bathroom features a collection of corbel shelves in various styles. Each corbel has a different collection of items on display.
I liked using shells as well as my collection of vintage basis and shades of aqua.
Some of the vases even held a cluster of shells pouring out of them. Remember to use various heights and textures to create interest.
Still need to find some more corbels but I'm almost there. I added a painting and I just can't decide if I'm going to change the matting and frame or not. 
The natural shells give my bath spa like feel. It's the perfect place to escape after a long day.
I love decorated vanity with a lovely picture and decorative glass.
Surprising addition to my bathroom display was Driftwood which I used as a structural art element to display beside my tub. It's a perfect contrast of twisting weathered wood against the glossy white tub.
my favorite piece has to be the newspaper letter tray that is now my shell shadowbox. I picked it up for me yard sale and promptly fill it with meaningful shells and corks and hot glued them in place.

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